Friday, 31 October 2014

How to Make Your Email Account Free of Spam

Emails have become a very important part in everyday’s personal & business communication. Email is the finest example of how modern day communication should be. This type of communication is not only less-time consuming but modern also. However, emails have given a birth of a concept named Spam. Spam is a collection of malicious programs & files that prevents you to send and receive from your email accounts. Many internet users agreed that spams are the gravest problems in today’s internet world. However, this difficulty can be managed, if you plan it accordingly.
Your email account needs to have spam filters that prevent all the disagreeable emails coming to your inbox. However, many have expressed that spam filters also failed to prevent spam. If you are facing mail account problems, we have proper solution how to solve these email problems.
email problems

Many tech-experts have opined & gave various instructions to prevent & avoid spam.

  • It is advisable to participate in chain letters. Spammers consider chain letters as an opportunity to get an email address.

  • Labelling spam email with email provider is another important aspect. This option will give you an option to mark any email as junk or spam mail. On the hindsight, it prevents mails from reaching to your inbox. 

  • Avoid signing up of newsletters and opening various accounts on unquestionable websites may invite spam in your email account. 

  • Experts have also suggested of refraining to post your email address unless you are ready to counter spam. 

  • It is also very important to have Bots that scan & verify the authenticity of email addresses.
An Expert like Urgentechelp also agreed if above points fail to stop spam then it is advisable to delete any dubious mail even if you received it from an address you trust.